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SILK GREY - a shade with a subtle and elegant depth. It is a neutral colour that fits in with the trend towards minimalism and modernity. STONE GREY - a shade reminiscent of natural stone. It is a neutral colour that brings a sense of stability and solidity to interiors. It fits perfectly into trendy industrial or loft spaces, often designed with raw concrete elements. Both of these colours fit in with current fashion canons and are used in architecture and interior design for their versatility and timelessness. They blend in perfectly with the trendy NUDE colours and we suspect that this trend will find many takers when it comes to washroom/bathroom design.

MERIDA STELLA SILK GREY LINE and MERIDA STELLA STONE GREY LINE products are available on request. Lead time - approx. 20 working days (depends on the assortment ordered). Minimum order value per colour is PLN 2,500.00 net.