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MERIDA STELLA MAXI AUTOMATIC foam soap dispenser polished version

symbol DSP209

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10-year guarantee!
- made of polished stainless steel
- secured with a durable steel cylinder lock
- recessed lock
- smooth welded edges
- hidden hinges
- capacity of a disposable soap cartridge, 1000 ml
- soap dispensed automatically in the form of a delicate foam
- automatically activated by a proximity sensor
- powered by four R14 batteries
- LED indicator: green - ready to work, red - change the batteries
- the dispenser should be mounted at least 130 mm above the surface of the countertop or washbasin
- a unique system of programming the amount of the dispensed soap: 0.3 ml, 0.7 ml or 1 ml dose
- from one cartridge, depending on the individual programming of the dispenser, you can get over 3300, 1400 or 1000 portions of foam soap!
- lockable with a key
The maintenance of the guarantee requires following the cleaning and maintenance instructions described in the Guarantee Terms and Conditions (to download) and the use of MERIDA ONE soaps.

MERIDA ONE soaps: MTP204, MTP214, MTP217

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28,5 cm


15 cm


9,5 cm

MERIDA STELLA MAXI AUTOMATIC foam soap dispenser polished version