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Professional disinfecting agents and preparations

For effective disinfection, use certified surface disinfectants. The World Health Organization recommends the use of agents containing at least 70% alcohol concentration or containing the appropriate concentration of chlorine, which is also effective in the fight against microorganisms, yeasts, bacteria and viruses. Quaternary ammonium agents, on the basis of which EPIDEMIN PLUS + was developed, are equally effective in combating pathogens. The mixture is recommended for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and process lines in food industry plants, including surfaces in direct contact with food and CIP installations. Recommended for use in hospitals, health care facilities, medical and dental offices outside the clinical area. Additionally, it can be used in washing machines to disinfect clothes.

The products in this category are concentrates for disinfecting surfaces. This means that they are very efficient and therefore economically profitable. 1 liter of MERIDA EPIDEMIN PLUS + disinfectant can be used to create 10 liters of ready-made solution. DESICHLOR concentrate containing chlorine has an even better efficiency at the level of 99 liters of solution per 1 liter of the agent - remember about a different process of using chlorine preparations.

QUATRODES FORTE demonstrates high disinfecting efficiency in medical areas (including clinical areas). A liquid concentrate for simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in the medical area (units, treatment beds and chairs, operating tables, medical equipment, floors, walls), in gastronomy, nursing homes, sanatoriums, gyms, fitness and SPA salons, hairdressing salons, beauty salons, solariums (for disinfecting tanning beds), massage and tattoo parlors, kindergartens, schools and for disinfecting surfaces that come into contact with food. The product has bactericidal, mycobacterial, yeasticidal and virucidal properties. The preparation can be used on all floor and above-floor surfaces (doors, countertops, cabinets, tables) and for washing and disinfecting hairdressing accessories.