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Why is disinfection important?

Disinfection, otherwise known as decontamination, is a process consisting in the elimination of microorganisms, bacteria, fungi (molds) and viruses - including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. By disinfection, we mean the neutralization of threats resulting from the deposition of dangerous microorganisms and viruses on the surface of hands and objects. Pathogenic individuals get to the surface as a result of contact with a person in contact with germs - and they do not have to be sick themselves. Contamination of the surface with a pathogenic agent occurs through direct physical contact, for example by touch or even a brush, but also through indirect contact - it is enough for the sick person to be in the room and exhale bacteria and viruses with the air, which then settle on all surfaces in the room .

Disinfection can be carried out by treating the surface of the hands and objects with a suitable chemical agent or by using appropriate physical conditions. Sufficiently high temperature and the effect of UV radiation kill viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. The same is true of alcoholic and non-alcoholic chemicals that Merida offers disinfectants with a dosing system.

How to disinfect your hands?

To reduce the risk of disease and transmission of bacteria and viruses, wash your hands with soap and water as often as possible and disinfect them with disinfectants containing at least 60% alcohol. For better efficiency, our products contain a mixture of three active substances, i.e. ethanol, isopropanol and phenoxyethanol. The products offered by the merida.com.pl store are dermatologically tested and have a positive opinion among users. Appropriately tested dermatologically disinfectants offered at merida.com.pl ensure good disinfection while protecting the skin against excessive drying.

The disinfecting liquid or gel should be applied to the hands using a hand disinfectant or a bottle with a pump - we recommend 2 doses to thoroughly moisten the skin surface with a disinfectant. Then, for about 30 seconds, rub the liquid until it is completely dry. You have to remember to wet your hands from the inside, between the fingers and the top, back part of the hand. Such a procedure will allow the disinfectant to work properly and ensure safety during a pandemic. The WHO recommends disinfecting your hands as often as possible.

What to disinfect?

All surfaces that may have come into contact with germs should be disinfected. A good practice for public spaces such as offices, shops, corridors in residential buildings etc. is the frequent disinfection of door handles, elevator buttons, handrails and other surfaces that are often touched by people.

Grocery stores and other stores should equip the facility with a free-standing hand disinfection station. Such a disinfection stand placed at the entrance to the store significantly helps customers to comply with safety rules and reminds them of the need to disinfect their hands. The store offers stands for placing on the floor as well as stands for placing them on a desk or table. They are made of powder coated steel which ensures their stability and durability.

In the office space, you should remember to disinfect computer workstations and office items such as staplers, scissors, etc. Pay special attention to telephones and headsets. Pens are an often overlooked item that passes from hand to hand - they also need to be disinfected regularly. It is also worth disinfecting office chairs, paying particular attention to the armrests. To ensure the safety of employees, it is worth equipping yourself with disposable cloths and wipes for disinfecting surfaces. Made of cotton soaked with a biocide, the cloths ensure good disinfection after just one use. Additionally, it is worth placing desk disinfection stands in several places in the office.

Particular attention should be paid to the communal kitchen or company catering facilities. It should be possible to disinfect hands using free-standing disinfection stations or wall-mounted disinfection dispensers. Additionally, the offer includes a number of products approved for contact with food - MERIDA VELOX SPRAY, MERIDA DESINFECTIN COMPLEX PLUS, MERIDA EPIDEMIN PLUS +

During a pandemic and the compulsory wearing of masks covering the nose and mouth, many people choose to use a reusable mask. To ensure its sterile cleanliness, the mask should be washed in a washing machine (minimum 60 ° C) and then we recommend moistening the mask with MERIDA ANTYVIRUS LIQUID and then let the disinfectant dry and evaporate. The helmets should be disinfected first by wiping them with a biocide to the surface and then wiping MERIDA SUPER GLOSS to remove streaks from the preparation.

Disinfection in kindergartens and schools should be carried out for similar facilities as for the office, except that special attention should be paid to toys. For disinfecting kindergartens, we recommend MEDISEPT QUATRODES FORTE.

Disinfection of medical facilities, hospitals, dentists 'offices, clinics, doctors' offices as well as nursing homes and sanatoriums. The Merida store offers many products for hygienic and surgical disinfection of hands and surfaces. We recommend MERIDA ANTYVIRUS LIQUID and disinfecting cloths soaked in MERIDA DDR + liquid.

Beauty parlors, tattoo parlors, massage parlors and beauty parlors as well as fitness parlors and gyms. These are other facilities where regular disinfection of surfaces and hands is required. For such facilities, we recommend EPIDEMIN PLUS + liquid and MERIDA VADO SOFT or MERIDA DESMED disposable cloths. The VELOX SPRAY liquid will also be perfect.

The basis for dispensing the liquid and gel for disinfection are hand disinfection dispensers.

Elbow dispensers ensure the highest sanitary safety. Activated by the elbow button, they are used wherever a sanitary regime is required: in hospitals, doctor's offices, dental offices, beauty salons, hairdressing salons, restaurant kitchens.