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Mobile free-standing hand disinfection stations

The demand for disinfection stations increased during the coronavirus epidemic, where the possibility of disinfecting the skin of the hands became a very important issue. Guests and customers entering any service and sales premises should have trouble-free access to a disinfectant liquid or gel in order to ensure sanitary safety.

The free-standing stations for hand disinfection consists of 2 elements - it is a steel stand with a heavy base ensuring the stability of the entire structure. The base of the station lies low to the floor, thus minimizing the possibility of a guest stumbling over the premises and thus increases the safety of occupational health and safety while maintaining appropriate hygienic conditions. A steel post is mounted to the base, on the top of which there is a prepared place for the dispenser for hand disinfection. At the top there is an information sticker and instructions. Below the dispenser, there is a tray that makes it easier to keep the stand clean and reduces splashing of the disinfectant by the user. The stand is about 150 cm high with the dispenser mounted in such a way that the use of the disinfectant is as ergonomic as possible.

The Merida store offers several free-standing stations for hand disinfection with various disinfectant dosing mechanisms.The stands can be equipped with touch-free automatic dispensers or mechanical, elbow dispensers for disinfectants. The dispensers are made of very durable and easy-care plastic or elegant stainless steel.

Countertop disinfection stations

Merida.com.pl also offers mini disinfection stations - designed to be placed on a table top, on a bar in a restaurant, on a desk, etc. Small dimensions allow them to be placed on a small surface, so they can be placed in almost any place.

Such a miniature disinfection station can be equipped with a touch-free disinfection dispenser (automatic with a sensor) or a mechanical disinfection dispenser with elbow pressure. In another version, the station consists of a container for disinfecting liquid or gel with an ordinary pump pressed from the top, which results in the dispensing of an appropriate amount of disinfectant to the hands. In the version adapted to the non-contact or elbow disinfection dispenser, the stand is made of one piece of steel. Such design ensures stability and a high aesthetic level - we recommend such stations for hand disinfection in locations where the visual requirements must meet the functional requirements. In the second version, the station consists of a holder for a liquid or disinfecting gel with a pump for dosing the disinfectant. it is a very neat and minimalist looking solution suitable for all applications. At the top of the disinfection stand, there is a sticker with the instructions for use.

Use of disinfection stations

To the question: where to put the stands and disinfection stations? the best answer is that wherever people have a chance to use them. In order to minimize the risk of spreading the microorganisms and viruses, it should be possible to disinfect hands in:

shopping malls - at the entrance and in the food court

in shops (also in galleries) - at the entrance to limit the spread of bacteria by touch on products and food

at the fairgrounds

at the entrance to toilets and public bathrooms

at gas stations next to the gasoline dispenser and at the entrance to the store

in restaurants, bars and other catering facilities

in commercial premises

in hairdressing salons and beauty salons

in a doctor's, dentist's offices

in hospitals and health clinics

in workplaces and, in particular, in company canteens

in hotels around the reception area and at the entrance to the buildings

in offices and other public facilities