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Product lines for washrooms and bathrooms

Taking care of the attractiveness of the offered products and meeting the expectations of our customers, we are constantly expanding our offer.

We currently offer several stylistically consistent product lines, including one - MERIDA UNIQUE - in many variants. This puts us in the position of an undisputed market leader.

We constantly strive to increase the attractiveness of the product design, increase the comfort of use, and reduce operating costs.

Merida - washroom equipment and accessories, cleaning supplies

For almost 30 years, we have been a leader in the washroom equipment and accessories market and the production and distribution of cleaning supplies. We produce washroom accessories, liquid soaps, paper towels, and toilet paper. Our offer includes hand dryers, waste bins, waste segregation bins, and waste bags.

Our 200,000 customers include cleaning companies, gas stations, restaurants, shopping centres, offices, schools, hospitals, offices, plants, institutions, etc. Continuity of supplies is guaranteed by our production plants, a modern logistics centre, and a fleet of delivery vehicles and trucks. Efficient service is provided by 500 employees in 31 company branches. A team of 100 sales specialists ensures the offer perfectly suits customers' needs.

Eco-friendly and cost-effective MERIDA paper towels and toilet paper

Our paper products have been awarded EU Ecolabel certificates, which confirm their compliance with strict environmental and ecological criteria, promoting sustainable development and environmental protection. Along with the certification process, our paper mill has been subjected to a detailed assessment of many aspects of production, from sourcing raw materials through the technological process to the final product.

By choosing Ecolabel-certified products, customers can be sure about their quality and the highest ecological standards.

Instructional videos

How do you efficiently change refills in foam soap dispensers, operate liquid soap dispensers?
How do you change refills in paper towel roll dispensers?

You can find the answers to all your questions about our equipment in our instruction and training videos.