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Disinfectant dosing systems

Disinfectant liquids and gels must be stored in a tightly closed containers otherwise they lose their disinfecting and biocidal properties. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic disinfectants become less and less effective due to the evaporation of the active substances. That is why it is so important to store them properly. However, at the same time, their dosing (taking) must be trouble-free and simple. Dispensers for disinfecting liquids and gels that are in the Merida store offer meet these parameters and additionally look very neat, modern and nice.

Types of dispensers for disinfectants

The Merida store offers mechanical disinfection dispensers, the use of which consists in pressing the front part of the housing or a button (hence the name button disinfection dispenser). This solution allows for quick and trouble-free application of the right amount of disinfectant on the skin of the hands. The dispensers with a button are made of matt stainless steel or of good quality ABS plastic - this design allows for their trouble-free maintenance and easy cleaning of the container. We have disinfection dispensers for disposable cartridges filled with disinfecting liquid or gel, the unique design of which ensures safety and 100% hygiene of the preparation, as well as dispensers with a specially designed container for disinfectants - which can be refilled on your own with disinfectants produced by Merida, such as MERIDA POLANA LUX DDR + LIQUID with a rose scent. Due to the appropriately selected density of the preparation for the dosing mechanism, we recommend using agents produced by Merida.

We recommend key dispensers for use in restaurants, lobbies and hotel receptions, grocery and convenience stores, shopping malls, offices and offices. For customers with high visual values, we recommend MERIDA STELLA, made of brushed steel.

For more professional use requiring a higher sanitary and hygienic regime, we recommend disinfection dispensers with a specially adapted arm that allows you to take the disinfectant with the elbow. Elbow dispensers operate on the same mechanical rule as key dispensers. A properly constructed pump activated by pressing the elbow on the frame causes the release of an appropriate amount of disinfectant on the hands. Merida.com.pl offers high-quality elbow disinfection dispensers made of metal, stainless steel and ABS plastic, thanks to which we are able to offer a device that fits any interior and design.

We recommend elbow dispensers for use in doctor's offices and health clinics, dental offices, veterinary offices, hairdressing salons, tattoo parlors, beauty salons. For professional use, we recommend the 1000 ml metal dispenser - the D10 elbow dispenser

Automatic, touch-free dispensers for disinfectants are the dispensing devices for disinfecting liquid or gel with the highest degree of sanitary and hygienic safety. Their non-contact operation, using a sensor detecting the movement of the hand, makes it possible to take the disinfectant without touching the surface of the dispenser. This minimizes the possibility of transmission of bacteria, viruses and fungi. At the same time, the use of the touch-free dispenser reduces the need for cleaning - no need to press the mechanism reduces the amount of dirt and imprints applied to the device itself, thanks to which it always looks neat and clean. The dispenser which at the same time adds character to the space is the automatic dispenser MERIDA STELLA for 1000 ml cartridges, made of brushed stainless steel.

Touch-free dispensers guarantee both cleanliness and meeting the highest hygienic and sanitary requirements, which is why we recommend them for all kinds of rooms - from facilities not related to high requirements of the sanitary regime, to hospitals and even treatment rooms. MERIDA ONE white and black dispensers are perfect for such applications. Disposable cartridges with a capacity of up to 1000 ml ensure a long service life and the possibility of adjusting the portion size guarantees that the dispenser is adapted to your needs. A popular choice among store customers is the MERIDA HARMONY disinfecting liquid dispenser, which has a revolutionary mechanism for adjusting the size of a portion of the preparation.

The offered dispensers give the possibility to adjust the size of the disinfectant portion, which will allow you to achieve the balance between the safe sanitary minimum and economic profitability. For the convenience of the user, we offer disinfectant dispensers with different sizes of the preparation container. The largest of them has a capacity of 1 liter, which ensures long, maintenance-free operation.

Use of disinfectants

Frequent hands washing is an indisputable necessity. We perform this activity many times a day. Consider using antibacterial soap in public toilets. In order to increase sanitary safety and reduce the spread of coronavirus and other pathogenic microorganisms, it is also necessary to disinfect the skin of the hands as often as possible. Additionally, the disinfection increases safety in public spaces.