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What is the best hand sanitizer composition?

In times of epidemics and increasing awareness about the dangers of microorganisms that threaten life and health - including bacteria, viruses and fungi, wash and disinfect the skin of your hands as often as possible. Effective disinfection with hand disinfectants offered by the Merida.com.pl store is guaranteed by a properly composed composition of disinfecting liquids and gels. In order for the hand skin disinfection process to be effective against coronavirus, the disinfectant must contain an alcohol concentration of at least 60%. The products offered by Merida store contain the optimal concentration of alcohol and a pH appropriate for the skin, as well as substances that prevent skin drying. The addition of glycerin alleviates the negative effect (drying the skin) of disinfection on the skin of the hands, and we can use the preparation more often, increasing our safety.

Which hand sanitizer should you choose?

The Merida store offers a wide selection of hand and surface disinfectants. Preparations containing more than 60 percent alcohol concentration are effective in the fight against COVID-19 and all other bacteria, viruses and fungi - this concentration is also recommended by the Ministry of Health as part of preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Merida Polana DDR + is recommended by national institutions in the fight against enveloped viruses (and all other types of viruses):

This is also confirmed by the research results published by the Department of Virology of the National Institute of Public Health, Warsaw. (Trzcińska A., Czestcik A., Łagosz B., Siennicka J. Vaccinia virus (MVA) as a viral model in the study of virucidal activity of disinfectants against enveloped viruses. 2017. Department of Virology, National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene, Warsaw MED MICROBIOL. EXPOSURE, 69: 133-141). The preparation is registered as a biocidal product and has the marketing authorization No. 7473/18 of August 17, 2018.

Merida Polana DDR + is a ready-to-use alcoholic preparation containing a mixture of three active substances (ethanol, isopropanol and phenoxyethanol), effective in the fight against fungi, bacteria and viruses, intended for hygienic hand disinfection.

Merida Polana DDR + is a ready-to-use alcohol-based hand disinfectant. Properly composed composition guarantees high effectiveness and a mild pH for the skin, the addition of glycerin moisturizes and cares for the hands. The following MERIDA Polana DDR + hand sanitizer is available:

100 ml bottle with an atomizer with the symbol MAD956, perfect for traveling, in the car, suitable for a woman's handbag.

100 ml bottle with a MAD966 sprayer in the LUX version, with a disinfectant liquid with a rose scent.

300 ml bottle with a dosing pump with the symbol MAD955, ideal for home, office and wherever you can put a small, aesthetic bottle to have hand disinfectant at your fingertips. The shape of the bottle makes it fit into most car cup holders, so we have access to it every time we get into the car.

300 ml bottle with a dosing pump, symbol MAD965 in the LUX version, with a disinfectant liquid with a rose scent.

5 l canister with the symbol MAD154 for refilling hand disinfectant dispensers.

5 l canister with the symbol MAD164 in the LUX version, with a disinfectant liquid with a rose scent.

5 l canister with the symbol DEZ001 with a pump dispensing 1 portion of the liquid for immediate and efficient hand disinfection, recommended for stadiums, petrol stations.

500 ml bottle with the symbol MAD153 for disinfection dispensers with an elbow button for disposable cartridges.


The MERIDA hand sanitizer gel with rose scent is an alternative to hand sanitizer and provides the same level of epidemic safety. Thanks to its consistency, it is pleasant and gentle on the skin of the hands, even when used very frequently. The moisturizing substances contained in the disinfecting gel prevent the hands from drying out. The rose aroma leaves a pleasant, delicate scent.

The following MERIDA hand sanitizer gel packs are available:

a 50 ml bottle with the MAD953 symbol for direct dispensing on the hands, a safe closing cap and small dimensions make it a perfect product for travel.

300 ml bottle with a dosing pump marked MAD954 to be placed anywhere that provides easy, immediate access to the disinfectant.

500 ml bottle with the symbol MAD157 for elbow dispensers for disposable cartridges.

5 l canister with the symbol MAD159 for pouring into tanks in elbow dispensers for hand disinfection.


The MERIDA Velodes Silk surgical and hygienic hand disinfection liquid with a pleasant smell removes viruses, fungi and bacteria. It is available in a 5 l canister with the symbol MAD152 and a 500 ml bottle with the symbol MAD151. It has a spectrum confirmed by tests: bactericidal, mycobacterial tuberculosis, yeasticidal and limited virucidal (effective against coronaviruses). It has a prolonged bactericidal effect. It works quickly and effectively against enveloped and non-enveloped viruses such as HIV, HBV, HCV, rotavirus. Dermatologically tested.

The most economical proposition of the hand and surface disinfectant is the MERIDA CLARISEPT hand and surface disinfectant in a 5-liter package.