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What is the most convenient way to disinfect the surface and hands?

Hand and surfaces disinfection is currently one of the top priority tasks. In the era of the coronavirus epidemic, it has become very important to ensure safety against germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi for yourself and people from your environment. Quick and effective disinfection, requiring no specialized equipment, easy to carry out by literally every person, and at the same time comprehensively eliminating viruses, including COVID-19, pathogenic bacteria and fungi is absolutely desirable and expected by a very wide group of recipients. The fastest, most convenient and at the same time as effective as other disinfectant products in Merida's offer are disinfectant wipes in sealed containers.

The best disinfection of hands and surfaces

The disinfectant wipes have been developed in three different variants, depending on the needs, the product offer can be adjusted to the requirements of disinfecting wipes. Merida.com.pl offers wipes based on:

- MERIDA DDR + alcoholic hand and surface disinfectant. Due to the content of 3 different active substances, the wipes are effective in the fight against all kinds of microorganisms and fungi. Wipes soaked in DDR + disinfectant are used for surgical and hygienic disinfection of hands and surfaces.

- MERIDA DESMED, which is an alcohol-based disinfecting and washing preparation with bactericidal and fungicidal properties. The preparation is intended for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in kitchen, restaurant, catering, food processing and food industry plants. After drying, the preparation does not require rinsing and the protected surfaces are suitable for contact with food.

- a more gentle (but equally effective) alcohol-free MERIDA VADO SOFT disinfectant. Due to the special mixture of disinfectants, this product is suitable for disinfecting places in contact with food, which proves its refined composition. It is perfect for home conditions, grocery stores and public utility places.

A specially prepared non-woven material (100% cotton) is the base and carrier of the disinfecting preparation for hand and surface disinfection wipes. This material is very pleasant and delicate to the touch, and at the same time durable to mechanical damage and quite resistant to tearing. Delicate structure ensures protection against scratching even the most delicate surfaces. An additional advantage are the non-dusting properties of the material used, thanks to which the rubbed surface remains perfectly clean and without "hairs" of the material. The unquestionable advantage of non-woven cloths soaked in a disinfectant are their additional cleaning properties. Cotton cloths perfectly absorb dirt and dust, thanks to which, in combination with their disinfecting properties, they leave wiped surfaces and hands perfectly clean. Non-woven wipes are soaked with VADO SOFT and MERIDA DDR +. Wipes soaked in DESMED disinfectant are made of blue polyester, thanks to which a smaller package can contain more wipes.

How to ensure safety and disinfect surfaces?

The soaked wipes and cloths offered in our store are intended for storage in special containers (buckets in which they are sold). A bag containing soaked cloths, when opened, is exposed to drying out and evaporation of the disinfectant - to counteract this, we have equipped the containers with a reusable cap closure system. Regardless of the size of the container, the system works the same - after opening the package with wipes soaked in disinfectant liquid, pull a few tissues from the center of the roll through the opening in the container lid. After removing the required amount of wipes, just close the protective cap and the remaining amount of wipes (even very large ones) will safely wait for the next need to use. After the refill is exhausted from the container, you can purchase replaceable cartridges with disinfecting wipes, which are inserted into the already owned container.

We offer several sizes of containers and matching refills with wipes soaked in disinfectant liquid. The largest buckets contain refill of 445 sheets, thanks to which they last for a very long time in all areas of use. Smaller containers with wet wipes are perfect for home, kitchen, car and travel.

DESMED disinfectant wipes can be used in an easy-to-transport container with an MS020 cap or in a durable and easy-to-clean ABS dispenser for disinfecting wipes DW002. A specially designed door closer with a spring guarantees safe and trouble-free operation even with one hand.

Practical possibilities, ease of use, physical and chemical properties of the wipes allowing to clean and disinfect almost any surface guarantee 100% satisfaction with the use of our product. Additionally, the wipes we offer are 100% biodegradable.

The soaked disinfectant wipes offered in the Merida store have a license to trade in the biocidal product No. 3329 / TP / 2020. The disinfection wipes are very effective thanks to a mixture of 3 different alcohol compounds: ethanol, isopropanol and phenoxyethanol. The area of ​​application of MERIDA DDR + wipes is very wide: disinfection of hands and surfaces with and without food contact in public places, food, industrial, medical and domestic areas. Their unique and refined composition allows them to be used for surgical hand disinfection.

The MERIDA DDR + hand and surface disinfection cloths and wipes belong to cat. 1 gr. 1, cat. 1 group 2, cat. 1 group 4 according to Annex V to the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No. 528/2012 of May 22, 2012 on the making available on the market and use of biocidal products, (Journal of Laws UE L 167 of June 27, 2012, p. 1, as amended).