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Why is surface disinfection important?

Properly carried out surface disinfection significantly increases the safety against contamination and infections. The World Health Organization (WHO) and all national health and epidemic protection centers recommend the routine decontamination of frequently touched surfaces such as: door handles, light switches, tables, desks, pens, toilets, taps, handles, etc.

Frequently performed disinfection prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria, thus reducing the risk of contracting various diseases. Studies have shown the effectiveness of the use of surface disinfection in the fight against the spread of the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus epidemic.

How to increase sanitary safety and get rid of dirt?

The correct process of surface disinfection is divided into 2 stages:

    1. Before starting the disinfection, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt using household and professional cleaning agents. However, even the most thorough cleaning of the surface does not guarantee epidemic safety.

    2. The cleaned surface should then be disinfected using chlorinated or alcoholic surface disinfectants. For this purpose, it is best to spray the disinfected surface directly from the spray bottle, such as MERIDA ANTIVIRUS LIQUID, or wipe the surface with a moist disinfectant wipe.

A properly carried out and regular surface disinfection process significantly reduces the possibility of transmission of microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.

Disinfection in service facilities, health care facilities, catering facilities and at home.

A wide range of agents and products for surface disinfection will allow us to adjust the offer to all requirements. Depending on the needs, we can offer products for disinfecting surfaces in health care facilities, including dental chairs, massage beds, rehabilitation equipment; all areas in dentist's and doctor's offices, health clinics, spas, beauty salons and hairdressing salons. Our products will also prove themselves in educational institutions, from nurseries and kindergartens, where it is necessary to comply with the highest safety standards (and safe composition of preparations). In addition, our offer includes a number of products and disinfectants for disinfecting surfaces in contact with food, so that immediately after the evaporation of the preparation after disinfection, you can safely prepare food products - without the need for rinsing.

Our disinfectants are safe to use on surfaces made of all materials, including plastic, metal, leather and textile.