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Refilling the dispensers for hand disinfection

Merida store offers various dispensers, stands and hand disinfection stations. A good-quality disinfectant in a properly secured container is required for proper hand disinfection. For hand sanitiser dispensers, we recommend Merida Polana DDR + disposable cartridges with disinfectant liquid, such as the 1-litre MAD257 disposable cartridge for MERIDA STELLA AUTOMATIC disinfection dispenser, which sprays a delicate, disinfecting mist on hands. A practical alternative to disinfectants is disinfecting gels (including rose-scented gels) in disposable dispenser cartridges made of durable ABS plastic (DTR403) or brushed matt steel (DSM410).

How to effectively use the disinfectant?

To take the right amount of disinfectant from the hand disinfection dispenser, place your hands under the automatic dispenser, which will activate the sensor and trigger the application of the appropriate dose for effective skin disinfection. In the case of dispensers with a pump, press the button, which will release the disinfectant. The disinfecting liquid or gel should be spread over the entire skin surface (also from the top part and between the fingers) and wait until the preparation is dehydrated - about 30 seconds. After this, hands are effectively disinfected. The unique protective substances in the composition prevent excessive skin drying and leave a pleasant, silky feeling.