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MERIDA STELLA Anti-Fingerprint line - covered with a special AFP coating, i.e. protection against leaving fingerprints on the stainless steel surface. The coating does not change the aesthetics or the tactile sensation of the protected surface. Thanks to the use of nanotechnology, a very thin, completely invisible, protective layer is applied on the device, while maintaining very high resistance to abrasion. The coating also prevents dirt from adhering to the surface, making it easier to keep it clean and shortening and simplifying the cleaning process. A second unique feature of the coating is the antibacterial and antifungal protection. Thanks to the use of unique nanotechnology, the coating prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi on the protected surface. The use of zinc pyrithione, which provides antibacterial properties, and thiabendazole, which has an antifungal effect, makes an innovative solution never seen before. The coating creates an environment in which bacteria and fungi cannot exist and grow.

Please note that no rough cloths or sponges may be used to clean this kind of equipment. Stainless-steel care and protection products cannot be used. A fine cloth and water is sufficient for cleaning. For greasy dirt, a small amount of soap or washing-up liquid can be added to water.