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Soap, what is that?

Soaps, i.e. metal salts, mainly sodium, magnesium and higher fatty acids such as oleic or palmitic acid, are surfactants. It is estimated that humans have used soap as a washing agent for around 5,000,000 years. The first evidence of the use of soap comes from ancient Babylon. For a long time, soap was only used as a detergent. It was not until the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries that soap was popularized as a washing agent. It was then that the first liquid soaps were created, which are now used in countless soap dispensers and which we can come across in almost every public toilet.

Manufacturers of liquid soap

Merida is a leading Polish manufacturer of liquid soap. All Merida liquid soaps have received a positive dermatological opinion. The soaps are available in 2-litre, 2.2-litre and 5-litre canisters. We offer antibacterial soap. It has disinfecting properties and is distinguished by a pleasant grapefruit scent. Another interesting product is the liquid soap created especially for the food industry - MERIDA ALVA. It does not transfer the smell to food products. It works gently and is suitable for frequent use. Created based on coconut oil, collagen and lanolin derivatives - prevents skin drying and gives it elasticity and smoothness.

For those looking for the highest quality, we recommend Merida Silva liquid soap, which contains, among others, glucopones with excellent skin care properties and gluadins - plant proteins, especially valuable care ingredients that protect the skin and hair.

Today, foam soaps often replace liquid and traditional bar soaps. This solution allows you to save on the consumption of soap, water and the amount of generated sewage. Undeniably, washing your hands with foam soap is also much more pleasant. The packaging of our soaps is ecological and fully recyclable.