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Toilet paper holders and hangers - an alternative to toilet paper dispensers

Merida.com.pl offers not only toilet paper dispensers. In our offer you will also find many holders and hangers for toilet paper. The hangers and toilet roll holders  appeared in our toilets significantly earlier than paper dispensers. They are a perfect solution for small hotel bathrooms and domestic bathrooms. Paper holders are definitely an interesting alternative wherever there is no space or need to use toilet paper dispensers. Many people believe that a delicate hanger or paper holder is a much more elegant solution than the large paper dispenser used in public restrooms.

We offer toilet paper holders made of chrome-plated brass with a nickel backing. Chromium plating as a technology for covering metal and plastic objects with a chrome coating increases wear resistance and improves aesthetic values. Our toilet accessories have a 10-year warranty on the galvanic coating.

We offer toilet paper holders in polished and matt versions.