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MERIDA TOP MAXI manual roll paper towel dispenser, maxi, blue window

symbol CTN302

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10-year warranty on the mechanism operation!
- the next device from a complex and consistent line of MERIDA TOP products
- compact design enables installation even in small bathrooms
- the dispenser holds a roll with a diameter of up to 19.5 cm, which gives even 250 meters of towel (over 1000 towel sheets from one roll)
- easy and quick roll replacement
- reliable, working even in the most difficult conditions
- quiet and gentle work of the mechanism
- the possibility of using a "super silent mechanism" - devices with a silent mechanism are especially recommended for hospitals, hospices, retirement homes and wherever the device is used at different times of the day and night
- cutting knife made of super hard plastic, resistant to blunting and deformation
- the cutting mechanism has been designed to cut off the shortest sections of paper, which means less need to change the roll and more effective use of the towel
- hygienic use of the towel - the user touches only the ejected towel, the rest of the roll is not available
- easy removal of the cutting mechanism, e.g. for cleaning, disinfection, repair or replacement (there is no need to remove the device from the wall or disassemble the mechanism)
- made of high-quality ABS plastic
- lockable with a key


Technical parameters


34 cm


31 cm


20 cm

length of sheet

24 cm