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What is the most effective hand washing?

Washing hands is an essential activity that helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and pathogenic viruses. Warm water combined with even ordinary grey soap cleans your hands of dirt. In contrast, the additional use of antibacterial soap increases the effectiveness in the fight against microorganisms. Disinfecting soaps offered at merida.com.pl are characterized by very high bactericidal effectiveness, confirmed in laboratory tests. In addition, after clinical trials, the disinfecting soap provided has been approved for use in operating theatres in hospitals and, in the case of specific hygienic requirements, to maintain appropriate conditions in food production plants. Another advantage is the pleasant grapefruit scent. The ingredients of the soap are of natural origin, thanks to which it is readily biodegradable. Precisely selected composition does not cause toxicological effects such as skin sensitization or irritation.

How to choose a container with antibacterial soap?

The antibacterial soap offered by merida.com.pl is available in several containers that allow you to adjust the product to your needs and the type of soap dispenser you have. Disposable antibacterial soap refills for dispensers (e.g. MERIDA HARMONY AUTOMATIC) ensure the convenience, cleanliness and safety of disinfecting soap. Containers of various sizes (from 5 l canisters to 500 ml bottles) for self-refilling antibacterial soap in dispensers equipped with a soap container (e.g. very efficient MERIDA HARMONY liquid soap dispenser).