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CENTER PULL type dispensers of towels in rolls are a fairly new solution for the system of dispensing towels and toilet paper. Solutions of this type are recommended especially for the food industry and public toilets with medium and heavy traffic. Dispensers of this type are successfully used in food preparation areas. Another advantage of some versions of a roll towel dispenser is that when the towel is replaced with toilet paper, it can become a toilet tissue in sheets dispenser. An example of such a device is the Merida Harmony Center PULL dispenser, depending on the refill used, it is a dispenser for toilet paper or a dispenser for paper towels in roll. Such a dispenser is also a perfect addition to the equipment of bathrooms, doctors' offices and treatment rooms. Towel rolls protect against dirt and moisture of the towel and guarantee perfect and easy dosing. The use of a special refill allows for "leaf by leaf" dispensing of the towel.

Roll towel dispensers are approved for use in the food industry. Aesthetic, durable devices are most often made of durable plastics, less often of stainless steel. Depending on the model of the dispenser we choose, the appropriate towel should be selected. All suitable paper towels for the dispensers are available at merida.com.pl

Dispensers for paper towels pulled out from the center of the roll. Available in white or black (made of ABS plastic) and steel. The dispensers hold a roll of paper pulled from the inside with a diameter of up to 20.5 cm. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of paper towel dispensers pulled out from the center of the roll.