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Containers, feeders and dispensers for paper towels

Paper towel containers, feeders and dispensers are indispensable in public toilets and bathrooms. In toilets, they fulfil the same task as electronic hand dryers, however, according to the latest research, they are epidemiologically safer. Wiping your hands in a paper towel - especially one taken from an automatic and touch-free paper towel dispenser - is much safer and reduces the spread of pathogenic agents. Its decisive advantage is silent operation. Paper towel dispensers and containers are used in public toilets and bathrooms in all areas of economic, health and educational activities - offices, shopping malls, shops, service salons, schools, kindergartens.

Paper towel dispensing systems are also useful in the kitchens of restaurants and hotels. Quick access to a paper towel is crucial in the process of quick cleaning, wiping surfaces and wiping hands. It also concerns dentists' offices, doctor's offices, physiotherapy and rehabilitation offices, beauty salons, hairdressing salons, etc., where constant care for cleanliness and hygiene is of high priority.

It is a practical solution to combine the paper towel dispenser with a disinfectant liquid dispenser or a disinfectant in a bottle at the gym. Enabling customers to quickly and easily pick up a paper towel and then apply a disinfectant and washing agent increases the level of sanitary safety in the facility. Facilitating the process of cleaning up "after yourself" in the gym also increases the number of people who follow such recommendations.

Convenience of using paper towel dispensers

Paper towel dispensers are one of the safest and trouble-free hand drying solutions. Paper towels are very absorbent and all the water from hands remains absorbed directly into the material - so that splashing water by the user of the device is minimized. In addition, the use of paper towels minimizes the risk of stains from soap and stone deposits - it provides greater cleanliness in the bathroom. Paper towels are the fastest way to wipe your hands.

Types of paper towel dispensers - in rolls and folded

Merida online store offers a wide range of containers and paper towel dispensers. The most advanced and efficient devices are specially designed for use with paper towels in rolls. Modern solutions in this field allow you to optimize the costs associated with the consumption of towels. A particularly interesting and appreciated solution even by cleaning companies are Merida Automatic dispensing systems. In each of the dispensers, you can use a roll of towel with a length of up to 250 meters, which gives us about 1000 sheets of towel from one roll. This protects users from the need for constant refilling. What's more, in the most advanced dispensers of this type, we can remotely get information about the number of towels in the dispenser. MERIDA AUTOMATIC product line includes automatic paper towel dispensers, in which, when the hand is brought closer to the device, the appropriate size of a towel sheet is ejected to wipe the hand. In addition, you can set limits on the number of sheets of paper, thus minimizing waste and reducing the costs associated with the use of an automatic paper towel dispenser. The second type of product in this line are AUTOMATIC mechanical paper towel dispensers - a properly designed mechanism ejects a paper towel as a result of collecting the first sheet.

Folded paper towel dispensers are technically less advanced but equally practical. Proper arrangement of paper towels means that after removing one leaf from the opening of the dispenser, the other (leaf) slides out halfway, and it is convenient to use it quickly.

Thanks to the wide range of products on Merida store's offer, it is possible to adjust the product to the individual needs of each customer - regardless of whether it is a private person looking for a convenient solution for a home kitchen or bathroom or a solution for many public toilets in one facility - such as an office building or a hospital where the continuity of monitoring the appropriate hygienic and functional standard must be at the highest level. In this case, we recommend automatic paper towel dispensers wirelessly informing about the amount of paper and alerting the staff when the remaining amount of towel becomes too small.

Touch-free paper towel dispensers

In the category of dispensers that automatically release towel leaves, we offer a huge selection of products. Automatic paper towel dispensers equipped with a proximity sensor are highly appreciated. A properly programmed dispensing mechanism allows you to set the length of the towel dispensed and the appropriate delay before dispensing the next sheet. Thanks to the settings of the mechanism according to your preferences, you can minimize taking too much paper by the customer / user of the device - it is both an economical and ecological solution.

The second solution are products from MERIDA AUTOMATIC line that do not require electricity. The appropriate structure of the mechanism results in the drive of the device as a result of removing a prepared sheet of paper towel. Another leaf comes out of the device by itself.

Dispensers for center-pull towels in roll and folded towels

Merida store also offers simpler solutions. Folded towels dispensers and center-pull dispensers are tasteful, elegant and hygienic, their design allows for quick access to paper towels. Folded towel dispensers should be supplemented with specially prepared paper towels, which we also offer - depending on the dispenser - in the standard version and in the SLIM version. Dispensers with the center-pull system are supplemented with paper towels in rolls. The beginning of the roll in such a system is in its center - after removing the cardboard tube, the first leaf is pulled out from the center. Such a system allows the dispenser to be positioned at any angle - even upside down.

Steel containers, dispensers and paper towel dispensers

For the most demanding customers, we offer dispensers and containers for paper towels made of stainless steel. The devices are available in 3 variants - made of high-gloss polished steel, brushed steel with a more matt character and devices powder coated in white.

Plastic paper towel dispensers and containers

The store offers a vast selection of containers and paper towel dispensers made of ABS plastic. Automatic, mechanical, and also less technically complex, but equally practical, folded and center-pull towel containers are an indispensable element of every bathroom. The material used - ABS plastic - is extremely durable and resistant to damage, and keeping them clean is not a problem.

Where are the best places to use paper dispensers?

Containers for paper towels, roll feeders and automatic dispensers are a solution recommended wherever many users use the toilet. We are talking here primarily about bathrooms and toilets located in public facilities, including places such as hospitals, health centers, private offices, clinics, shopping malls, workplaces, restaurants, bars, hotels, offices, schools and others.

Modern solutions in this field allow you to optimize the costs associated with the consumption of towels. A particularly interesting and appreciated solution even by cleaning companies are Merida Automatic dispensing systems. In each of the dispensers of this system, you can use a roll of towel with a length of up to 250 meters, which gives us about 1000 sheets of towel. This protects users from the need for constant refilling. What's more, in the most advanced dispensers of this type, we can remotely get information about the amount of towel in the dispenser.

Paper towels are also useful in the area related to health services, such as doctor's offices, dentists, physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics. Access to paper towels is also useful in hairdressing and beauty salons, spas and gyms.

The main advantages of using towel dispensers

There are towel holders on the market that can hold large rolls, eliminating the need to change them frequently. Each device has a feeder, thanks to which you can easily and without any problems get the right amount of towel.

All disposable towel dispensers have special locks, to open them you need keys, it is a simple and effective protection against theft and stupid pranks.

Less complicated models of dispensers have a window for checking the number of towels left.

Equipping the toilet with a roll dispenser in Merida Automatic system brings significant savings in the costs of paper towels. Thanks to this system, it is more difficult to tear the excess of paper. In most feeders of this type, you can adjust the length of the sheet to be fed.

Because wet hands do not touch the entire roll directly, there is no risk of it to get wet. The container is mounted on the wall permanently, thanks to which it remains immobile while tearing off the towel, which guarantees comfort and convenience of use.

All devices offered on merida.com.pl are characterized by high durability and resistance to damage.

However, even the best paper dispenser or paper container will not fulfil its function without the use of appropriate quality towels. Merida.com.pl is also a producer of high-quality paper towels. It is not worth saving on this element of equipment because even the best paper towel dispenser will not fulfil its role well if it is filled with poor-quality refills. 

Guided by the choice of paper, it is worth using the one that we would like to find in the dispenser.

Paper towel dispenser or dryer?

This is the most frequently asked question faced by sellers of towel dispensers and dryers. There are many studies in the industry comparing the use of hand dryers and paper towels to demonstrate the superiority of one over the other. In the case of commissioning research by interested groups, their results are not surprising; therefore we will try to present the results of unbiased tests, and we will also expand this list as we obtain data from newly compiled reports. We currently have the most in favour of the Mayo Clinical study in 2011. These studies have given an advantage to paper towels.