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MERIDA HARMONY manual roll towel dispenser

symbol CHB301

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- 10-year warranty on the mechanism operation
- Merida Harmony manual towel dispenser provides a very gentle and quiet work of the cutting mechanism
- instead of a knob, has a convenient lever for paper ejection (the location of the lever at the bottom of the device also solves the problem of mounting the device in recesses or next to the wall - there is no need to leave space for access to the knob)
- easy access to the drum and the pressure rollers allows for effortless cleaning of the mechanism
- the rollers are covered with an antistatic coating, thanks to which the dispenser does not electrify the paper (which often causes paper jams in other devices)
- quiet and trouble-free operation is guaranteed by rubber-finished rollers of the cutting mechanism
- a special brake prevents paper from excessive unfolding inside the dispenser
- a roll holder equipped with a system that facilitates loading a towel
- a spirit level for easy installation
- red flashing indicator/LED - powered by a CR2032 3V battery (included)
- before starting, place the battery in a special pocket located behind the brake lever
- made of high-quality plastic
- lockable with a key

Technical parameters


38,4 cm


34,1 cm


22,2 cm

length of sheet

27 cm

MERIDA HARMONY manual roll towel dispenser