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MERIDA ONE touch-free auto-cut dispenser maxi - white

symbol CEB501

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- 10-year guarantee on the mechanism operation
- automatic, touch-free towel dispensing
- work of the dispenser is programmed by 4 switches on the control panel:
MODE - operation mode switch, two settings:
E - the device automatically dispenses another sheet after one towel is taken out
H - the device dispenses another sheet of a towel after bringing your hand closer to the sensor located at the bottom of the dispenser
- in an emergency, the towel can be pulled out by pressing the PUSH lever located at the bottom of the dispenser
DELAY - to delay the ejection of the next sheet of towel, three settings:
S - no delay
M - the next sheet is dispensed after 2 seconds
L - the next sheet is dispensed after 4 seconds
LENGTH - to set the length of the dispensed towel, three settings:
8 - 20.5 cm long sheet
10 - 25.5 cm long sheet
12 - 30.5 cm long sheet
RANGE - to set the distance at which you should bring your hands to the device to dispense the towel (applies to setting the MODE switch in the H position), three settings:
S - distance 8-9 cm to the dispenser
M - distance 10-11 cm to the dispenser
L - distance 12-13 cm to the dispenser
- powered by four R20 alkaline batteries or a power supply
- the power supply hidden inside the device, in the battery compartment
- possibility to connect the power supply directly to the electrical box behind the dispenser
- the power supply sold separately
- easy loading of a new roll with the internal AUTO FEED button for automatic winding the paper on the rolls
- the LED status indicator, located in the lower part of the dispenser, blinking blue, signals the readiness for work, blinking red, every 5 seconds indicates low batteries, steady red indicates exhausted batteries, blinking red, signals a paper jam in the dispenser
- easy access to the cutting mechanism for trouble-free cleaning and maintenance
- made of high-quality ABS plastic
- a transparent window for checking the number of towels
- lockable with a key

Technical parameters


39 cm


27,5 cm


22,5 cm

length of sheet

20,5 / 25,5 / 30,5 cm

MERIDA ONE touch-free auto-cut dispenser maxi - white