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Merida Automatic dispensers for towels in rolls - a modern alternative to traditional towel dispensers and holders

Merida Automatic towel dispensers are a very practical solution for public toilets and bathrooms. They are also used in other places where hygiene and cleanliness are important, such as kitchens, eateries, service companies, etc. It is worth remembering that paper towels are recommended as an alternative to traditional towels in beauty salons, hairdressers or tattoo studios. Towel dispensers are also an obligatory element of the equipment of doctor's offices, health clinics and other medical facilities.

Disposable towels in roll ensure the highest level of hygiene, and are also extremely comfortable to use. By dispensing single sheets of towels, the Merida Automatic system is an extremely economical solution compared to traditional paper containers. Not to mention traditional towels, for which washing, drying and disinfection are necessary.

How do Merida Automatic paper towel dispensers work?

Among the Merida Automatic paper towel dispensers, due to the method of dispensing the towel, we can distinguish two types of devices:

- mechanical paper towel dispensers

- automatic paper towel dispensers

In the case of the first type, they are operated manually. The towel is pulled out by the user by pulling the sheet or using a special lever. The second type of dispenser offers automatic, touch-free towel feeding. Automatic towel dispensers can be powered by batteries or through AC adapters.

Advantages of towel dispensers

Thanks to the use of roll dispensers, the roll itself is hidden inside the housing, and the user can only touch the towel that he is taking out at the moment. Subsequent towels in the roll remain untouched, and therefore also perfectly clean. Such protection of unused towels is of great importance - it prevents the transfer and growth of bacteria that could remain on the paper towels after touching them.

Another advantage of Merida Automatic towel dispensers is that they release only one sheet of towel at a time, which prevents the accidental or deliberate removal of more towels. This is often the case with traditional towel dispensers.

Merida Automatic towel dispensers have one more, extremely convenient function. Thanks to the built-in towel cutting knives, it is much easier to tear off the towel than with other types of paper towel dispensers.

Our roll-in towel dispensers - as part of the equipment of public toilets and bathrooms - are made of the best quality, damage-resistant materials, such as ABS plastic and stainless steel.

All towel dispensers are closed with special keys, consistent with the entire collection of devices.