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Cleaning trolleys - various types, one, two or even four-bucket. The prices vary from PLN 159 to PLN 1,470 net. For the most demanding customers, we recommend a CLEANING KIT - FOUR BUCKETS 6 L, A MOP WRINGER, A 120 L BAG HOLDER. Such a set, 112 centimetres high, 64 cm wide and 163 centimetres long, has a frame made of stainless steel. The base of such a trolley is equipped with six swivel wheels. It has an inner grip bag with a capacity of 120 litres and four buckets with a capacity of 6 litres containing lids as well as two buckets - 20 litres each. The set has a mop wringer and weighs just about 36 kg. The cheapest solution will be a trolley in the form of a bucket with a capacity of 17 litres equipped with wheels - it has a highly effective mop wringer. This type of trolley has self-turning wheels to facilitate work. This product is available only in blue. For our entire range of cleaning trolleys, check out this page carefully.