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Merida automatic air fresheners are a very efficient solution that allows you to keep a fresh and pleasant fragrance in public spaces, restaurants, toilets and offices. Air fresheners can also be successfully used in hotel rooms.

Electronic air fresheners

The professional, automatic air fresheners in our offer have advanced functions of programming operating modes. Thanks to them, it is possible to flexibly set the working time of the device. This allows you to optimally adjust the operating mode to your needs. As a result, the fragrance cartridge will wear out much slower, reducing the operating cost of the device. We offer several types of air fresheners in two color versions. The simplest, with several settings, for the most advanced Merida Harmony Bluetooth air freshener, the operation of which can be controlled using a special application. All automatic air fresheners are powered by batteries, there is no need to connect an external power source.

The smell matters

The right fragrance is an extremely important element of public utility rooms, restaurants and hotels. Pleasant, inviting will be like an invitation and a promise. Unfavorable and unattractive, will effectively discourage us from staying inside.

When choosing an air freshener for a hotel, choose the scents of jasmine, rose, lavender, coconut and cedar. The scent of white linen, musk, patchouli and powder will also make a special impression on the guests.

The perfect air freshener for a restaurant should radiate the aromas of coffee, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon and cloves, which stimulate the appetite and are clearly associated with delicious food.