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MERIDA HARMONY electronic air freshener bluetooth

symbol GHB703

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- fully automatic
- very high efficiency (full refreshing effect in areas up to 170 m³)
- elegant, slim look
- can be used in all types of rooms
- all parameters controlled through the HYGIENEKEY application
- the electronic programmer controlled by the HYGIENEKEY application allows you to set the following parameters:
a) the number of doses in the refill (3000/6000/9000) - set to 3000
b) the number of the refill working days (max. 999)
c) the start and the end of working hours, and additional working hours on a working day
d) the interval time between the fragrance doses (from 1 to 60 minutes) and the doubling of doses frequency in peak hours on a given working day
e) the number of working days and setting additional days
f) the suspension of the device work after a specified number of days
g) the on/off switch of low refill level warning  (the LED light flashes blue)
h) the on/off switch of low battery warning (the LED light flashes red)
- powered by two AA batteries (batteries not included)
- maximally efficient use of the batteries
- made of high-quality plastic
- lockable with a key

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22,4 cm


8,8 cm


8,8 cm

MERIDA HARMONY electronic air freshener bluetooth