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The hand and hair dryers are now commonly used in many public places, workplaces and shopping malls. They have become an integral part of the landscape of most public toilets, and they compete with paper towels dispensers in the "best hand wiping method" category. Many people are not aware that the first dryers were created in the second decade of the 20th century. Therefore, the hand and hair dryers have been in bathrooms for over 100 years now. The first dryers could hardly be found in the users' awareness, they were expensive to produce and operate, and burdensome to use. However, they have undergone a huge change over time. Currently, the dryers are devices that have been refined in terms of construction. They ensure, among others, a quick drying time, air filtration thanks to the use of HEPA filters, reasonable power consumption, and are practically maintenance-free. For example, the use of a highly efficient brushless motor (also known as BLDC motor) in the MERIDA ECO JET dryer makes it reliable and allows you to enjoy a long time of trouble-free operation. In addition, many models are very interesting in terms of design, and they are often a decorative element in the bathroom. Take the Merida TRI-BLADE dryer as an example, a light eye-catching, modern shape of the dryer, a choice of 14 colour versions. The perfect device for modern bathrooms with high traffic. The users of the dryers appreciate them for their convenience and simplicity of use, quick operation and low operating costs. In the case of Merida equipment, the customers also appreciate the ease of use and serviceability. We offer hand dryers proven on the market, which are relatively cheaper in everyday use. If You are looking for a dryer that is distinguished by a good price, high quality, interesting design, operational reliability, warranty and post-warranty care, You've come to the right place.

The offer of dryers at merida.com.pl

In our store you will find about one hundred models of dryers in all price ranges. All this to provide customers with devices that are best suited to their needs. We sell electric hand dryers with an infrared sensor and push-button dryers. In the case of the traditional dryers, the air is blown out through a special nozzle or a slot (pocket dryers). As a flagship model of such a dryer, we can recommend the Merida STARFLOW PLUS dryer, a traditional dryer at a reasonable price. An interesting fact among nozzle dryers is the SANIFLOW electric hand dryer. It has a rotating nozzle thanks to which it is also possible to dry the face. A novelty among dryers are pocket dryers. They have been very popular in last years, mainly due to the very short drying time. The offer is dominated by the dryers in traditional aesthetics and colours - steel matt, polished or white dryers. Of course, for customers looking for individual solutions, we have hairdryers with high aesthetics - you will find various products that will work perfectly in any room. Many of the dryers we offer have the heater and drying time adjustment. As a result, the drying time is shorter and the energy consumption is lower. Our Merida brand products are the highest quality product shelf on the market of automatic hand dryers. We offer a full range of devices, both those that will work perfectly in a place with high traffic - e.g. in a large company or a large shopping centre. The dryers intended for places with less or little traffic, such as offices, small offices. The offered models of dryers are additionally distinguished by after-sales service. We provide our clients with warranty and post-warranty service. It is possible to extend the warranty care for the purchased dryers. The wide network of our branches allows our service technicians to reach you in case of any problems.

In some devices, the warranty period is 12 months, and for ECO JET pocket dryers - up to 36 months. Do not buy dryers of unknown origin, choose proven Merida hand dryers. Research proves that the dryers leave almost four times smaller so-called "carbon footprint" than traditional paper towels. The secret of the success of the offered hand dryers also lies in the methods of air filtering. The dryers equipped with a special filter use modern air filtering technology, the whole is closed in an antibacterial ABS plastic housing, covered with an internal protective coating and equipped with a HEPA filter. The air in the toilet is passed through a filter that traps 99.9% of the bacteria, ensuring your hands are dried using clean air. Energy-saving, quick drying, elimination of bacteria in the toilet! These are the main advantages of pocket dryers equipped with a HEPA filter. Pocket hand dryer - it simply pays off.

The hair dryers are used in countless hotels. Our dryers can be found in virtually all swimming pools, aqua parks and SPA hotels. Among the hair dryers, the iconic SLON electric hair dryer, called by our customers the elephant, deserves attention. The interesting design, the ease of use, and reasonable price make this dryer find many buyers and enjoy continued popularity for many years. For demanding customers who expect very high durability from the hair dryer, we can recommend the MERIDA NEPTUNE pool dryer. It is a pool dryer, not only by name, it can be installed in places where it is exposed to unfavourable conditions (chlorine). Installation on a special crane allows the user of this dryer to adjust the height independently.

Which hand dryer is the best one for you?

There are many factors that influence your decision to buy a hand dryer. Before buying a dryer, we have to answer a few key questions. What is important to you, e.g. short drying time, can you afford a longer time, but usually then the dryer will have a lower noise level? Do you need a hand dryer within a certain price range? Where will the dryer be used? What will be the degree of intensity of exploitation? It is not always necessary to buy a dryer with the best available parameters for small bathrooms, which are used occasionally by several people. Do you have an electricity connection? Many of our tumble dryers have a connection cable with a plug. And finally, is the place of production of the dryer important to you? Our offer includes devices of Polish, European and Asian production. What model, design, finish are you interested in? We have dryers in metal, ABS and melamine housings. These are just a few examples of questions, many of which are important when choosing a hand dryer. We want to be sure that you will buy the best one that will meet your needs and requirements set by a public toilet or any other object that is the final place of its use. To help answer these questions, here are some points to consider:

Traffic in the bathroom and the choice of hand dryers

The durability of the dryer can be of great importance to you in the case of frequently visited toilets. Due to constant use, hand dryers in heavy traffic toilets wear out the fastest. This indicates the need to use the best quality devices. For such toilets, we definitely recommend dryers with non-contact sensors. For heavily trafficked toilets, we recommend the following products: Merida Optima hand dryer, Merida ECO JET pocket dryer or Merida Machflow compact dryer. It is a group of the most durable dryers that will perform well in such conditions. Merida dryers can now be found in many places, such as gas stations, shopping malls, stadiums, fast food restaurants. The models can withstand repeated use by a significant number of people in the toilets open 24 hours a day. These models also offer virtually zero maintenance. The exception is the ECO JET dryer, which has a water tank at the bottom. Thanks to this solution, you will avoid the problem of a puddle of water under the dryer, which you can often notice in the case of models without a tank. In the case of bathrooms with high traffic, an important parameter is the drying time - for the best dryers on our offer, the effective drying time is about 8 seconds.

Hand dryers, the most advanced solutions

Are you a fan of technical innovations and advanced solutions? Are you looking for the best of the best product? Merida Tri-Blade or ECO JET dryers offered by Merida are in no way inferior to Airblade dryers manufactured by Dyson, which is one of the most popular hand dryers (if not the most popular) in the UK, USA, and now also in China. The dryers offered by Merida certainly have one major advantage over Dyson products, with comparable quality they are much cheaper. Please visit our website. The Merida ECO JET hand dryer has a brushless motor that generates 1400W of power, thanks to which the blown air reaches a speed of 400 km / h. It only takes 8 seconds to dry her hands thanks to the simultaneous blowing of water from both sides. It is one of the fastest hand-drying devices on the market. This model is supplied to many car dealerships, casinos, airports, offices, universities, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, confectioneries and government institutions. As with any other hand dryer, ECO JET and TRI-BLADE save huge amounts of money compared to paper towels and reduce running costs. The ECO JET dryer has an innovative system of double air filtration: preliminary through the lower filter / odour absorber and final through the upper HEPA filter. In addition, the dryer has the option of using a citrus fragrance. This ensures a pleasant fragrance in the room each time the dryer is used.

Noise related to the use of the dryer

If noise is an issue for you, you need a hand dryer that offers effective drying time with an acceptable noise level. The hand dryers with the lowest noise levels are typically models with 15-year-old technology. You've probably seen them in toilets or older facilities. Using these silent dryers often requires you to dry your hands by wiping them on your pants. Now we have a solution for everyone. The new Merida ONE hand dryer is most likely the best solution available currently on the Polish market. It works in two drying modes: ECO (economic) and TURBO (accelerated). At its highest speed, this hand dryer dries hands in 6 seconds and works in the range of around 70dB. At the lowest settings, it can operate at a volume of about 66 dB. The dryer has two air discharge discs: Blade and Multijet, one acts as an air knife, the other distributes the air through holes with a patented shape, ensuring effective drying with a rapid stream of air, while ensuring quiet operation. As a result, the operating mode of this dryer can be adapted to the requirements of the premises, where it is necessary to maintain a low noise level or to ensure the shortest drying time.

Hair dryer as an interesting piece of equipment

Would you like your customers to leave your toilets delighted? Or maybe you are a restaurant owner, and you could use an additional verbal advertisement about the exceptional cleanliness that hand dryers add to toilets? Some of them are outstanding; they create natural, whispered advertising campaigns themselves. Hand dryers can be a great showcase of your business, as some models are completely stunning with their design. The hand dryer that we recommend in such cases is, of course, the Merida ONE hand dryer. Available in 16 unique colour versions. Another Merida TRI-BLADE pocket dryer, already described by us, is also available in many colours. As one of the few, it is equipped with two HEPA filters, it has the option of installing a fragrance cartridge, which is almost obvious in this type of Merida dryers.

High quality is not necessarily high price

Spending more money doesn't always give you the best hand dryer. Yes, some brands always offer higher prices than others. Hand dryer housings or covers are available in many different variants. For example, the TURBO JET hand dryer has several models: in a white, matt and polished metal housing. They all function the same. There is no difference in dryer speed, motor life, length of the warranty period, etc. Different materials have a different cost, and the most expensive hand dryer housings are usually made of polished stainless steel. The most frequently ordered housings for hand dryers are metal, ABS or melamine. People often equate the word "plastic" with cheapness. Nothing could be more wrong. To prove the durability of the casing made of melamine, we can give the example of the Merida PRIMA hand dryer, whose heat-resistant casing is not afraid to even of a burning cigarette.

Connection, power consumption of hand dryers

Some of Merida's hand dryers are energy-saving - such as the ECOFLOW PLUS dryer. This eco-mode hand dryer uses only 65 volts at 240 volts, reducing installation costs and possible errors. Most hand dryers in the offer already have a connection cable, so it is ready for installation. If you have any doubt as to the correct voltage, consult an electrician or the building plans. We hope the above information can help you make the best purchase decision. Buying hand dryers seems like a simple task, until you actually start shopping and learn about the wide range of options currently available.