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Mop refills


We offer all types of mops - cotton, microfibre, string and Velcro. Our mops are 40 cm, 47 cm, 50 cm. We offer these for cleaning all surfaces - you will find over 20 models of mops. For example, our cotton mops with flaps are made of cotton yarn, have a reinforced base material, high water absorption, and are acid and alkali-resistant - attached to the frame with flaps. Our ECONOMY mops with flaps absorb even the smallest particles of dirt and are perfect for all types of floors and surfaces, both porous and smooth. They can be used dry or damp and absorb water well, and we can even say very well. Their name comes from the fact that they are attached to the frame with flaps. They should be washed without softeners. STRING MOP with the symbol SOP401 is a white mop made of cotton. It is resistant to acids and lyes, and its purpose is to be reusable. In turn, PREMIUM MICROPHASE MOP is red and absorbs even the tiniest particles of dirt, making it suitable for cleaning even microporous surfaces because it sensationally collects all impurities (this is because it is made of microfiber, ensuring maximum cleaning efficiency). When looking for mops and cleaning tools, check Merida online store - you will be satisfied because we have the most significant offer of this type of assortment. If you want to see all our mops - they are here.

Merida mop frames are excellent, usually made of durable plastic or aluminium. An aluminum mop frame of 40 cm is intended for PREMIUM microfiber mops fastened with Velcro. The mini frame (23 cm) is small, and its shape allows you to reach hard-to-reach places. It is perfect for cleaning vertical surfaces (walls, tiles, etc.). The frame is made of aluminium and high-quality plastic. We also offer frames for sweeping mops in three sizes: 60 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm. Frames and poles are sold separately - they are made of aluminium. Our assortment also includes string mop frames - made of plastic. The easy mounting of the string mop makes it a very convenient solution. Check out our offer on our website.