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Merida string mops are two types of mops and special holders for them. The OPTIMUM STRING MOP with the SOP401 symbol for PLN 14.50 net is a white cotton mop that is resistant to lyes and acids. This string mop is designed for multiple use. The second string mop is the SOP402 mop for PLN 16.70 net. It differs from the first mop in terms of its grammage (500 grams compared to 350 grams for the first mop). We offer adequate holders and a frame for mops. We invite you to check our offer - string mops. Merida strip mops are made of cotton (SKP450 mop) - it is a 300 g mop for everyday care of small-surface floors, both for professional and home use. It is perfect for cleaning and wiping all kinds of floors and is designed for wet cleaning - it absorbs water well. STP450 is a microfiber mop with a weight of 220 grams. The layered structure of this microfiber mop ensures maximum cleaning efficiency. The microfiber strip mop is designed for washing and wiping all types of floors - it can be cleaned without the use of chemicals - suitable for allergy sufferers. It absorbs even the smallest dirt particles very effectively. Discover our range of strip mops!