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Advantages of the soap dispenser

The equipment of public bathrooms and toilets should include a number of facilities enabling the maintenance of personal hygiene. One of the most important solutions is to provide the bathroom with soap. The use of an ordinary bar of soap for this purpose works well at home, where the number of people using it is limited, but in public bathrooms - regardless of the number of people visiting it - such a solution may not be hygienic and safe. Not to mention the low aesthetic value of a soaked bar of soap lying on the edge of the sink or staining the countertop. Even at home, a more elegant and practical solution is to install a liquid or foam soap dispenser.

Liquid soap dispensers and foam soap dispensers

Foam soap dispensers and liquid soap dispensers are characterized by much greater sanitary safety due to the sterility of soap in a closed container and the dispensing of the appropriate amount of soap for the needs of washing hands. Merida store offers dispensers for special disposable cartridges with foam or liquid soap for special purposes, e.g. for the food industry ALVA liquid soap. Additionally, you can choose models of liquid soap dispensers with a container for self-refilling of Merida liquid soap. In the case of such a solution, remember about the specially adapted formula of Merida soap that guarantees no stains due to spontaneous leakage of the soap (which we cannot guarantee in the case of other manufacturers due to differences in density).

Both foam and liquid soap dispensers are very efficient and therefore economically reasonable solution for equipping bathrooms and public toilets. Automatic foam soap dispensers can be programmed to obtain up to 3,300 portions of soap from one disposable cartridge (e.g. Merida One). This means that for one person using the toilet, we will incur an expense of about PLN 0.01 on soap, and the size of the package will allow you to forget about refilling for a long time.

Touch-free, automatic liquid and foam soap dispensers

The best decision when choosing a soap dispenser for a home bathroom, public toilet or kitchen (both home and restaurant or hotel) is the excellent quality of automatic foam or liquid soap dispenser. The touch-free soap dispenser is equipped with a special proximity sensor that will activate the pump and dispense the appropriate portion of soap. The size of the portion of soap depends on the preferences and appropriate settings of the mechanism in the dispenser. The settings are changed by pressing the appropriate button, which is accessed after opening (with a special key) the dispenser housing.

Automatic soap dispensers require an electrical supply. For this purpose, it is possible to use batteries or direct mains supply with a suitable power adapter. The exact specification of the power supply for each of the offered dispensers can be found in the product card.

Touch-free dispensers that automatically dispense soap in appropriate portions are easy to keep clean. Due to their touch-free work, they do not get dirty or splash as a result of touching them. Their service consists only in occasional dust removal, soap refilling and possibly battery replacement. In addition, thanks to their touch-free operation, they limit the possibility of transferring bacteria and viruses, as is the case with door handles or other objects that require contact.

Elbow and mechanical button dispensers for liquid and foam soap

The solutions that do not require external or internal power supply and guarantee similar trouble-free operation of the soap dispenser are those that use a mechanical pump mechanism. Mechanical liquid soap and foam soap dispensers are equipped with an appropriate soap dispensing system by pressing and setting in motion the mechanism. After pressing it and taking a portion of soap, the spring returns to its original position and the dispenser is ready to dispense the next portion of soap.

Mechanical soap dispensers include button dispensers, in which the dispensing of the soap is caused by pressing the dispenser from the front - a special element in the lower part or simply the entire front part of the housing; the second type of dispensers are specialized elbow-operated dispensers. The store's offer also includes designer stainless-steel dispensers, in which, to take a portion of soap, You need to press the top element of the soap dispenser.

Steel soap dispensers - elegance, luxury and the highest quality in one

The highest quality and durability stainless-steel soap dispensers are produced in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Merida company deals with both their design and production, thanks to which we can certify their exceptional quality and distinctive style. We offer:

- steel mechanical foam soap dispensers,

- steel mechanical liquid soap dispensers,

- touch-free steel foam soap dispensers,

- touch-free steel liquid soap dispensers,

We offer steel mechanical soap dispensers and touch-free soap dispensers in 3 different finishes. High-gloss polished, giving the steel dispensers a mirror chrome finish. Brushed steel finish, which gives them a deep, matt character. Steel soap dispensers powder coated in white, thanks to which they give the impression of sterile cleanliness.

Foam soap dispensers and ABS liquid soap dispensers

Merida store offers the highest quality liquid and foam soap dispensers, as well as touch-free soap dispensers made of ABS plastic. A wide offer will allow you to adjust the product to your needs. A specially designed dosing system in automatic dispensers allows you to adjust the size of the soap portion depending on your preferences.

Wall and built-in dispensers - countertop dispensers and wall-mounted dispensers

A wide range of soap dispensers allows you to customize the product depending on the technical requirements. We have dispensers mounted directly in the wall - to properly and permanently attach the soap dispenser to the wall, we recommend using screws. For easier installation, we provide a drilling diagram for each dispenser. Wall-mounted dispensers are a tasteful and elegant element of finishing bathrooms and toilets.

The built-in soap dispensers in Merida store's offer are available in two types: mounted vertically - in the wall, or horizontally - in the countertop. In both cases, the soap dispenser is hidden under the counter with sink.