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Toilet paper dispenser in every washroom and bathroom

Toilet paper dispensers and holders are the basic and standard equipment of toilets and bathrooms. Providing the right and safe amount of toilet paper is one of the most important aspects of operating public toilets. We offer both standard-size toilet paper containers, enlarged dispensers for toilet paper in large rolls for public toilets with high traffic, luxurious and elegant dispensers for toilet paper in sheets and revolutionary toilet paper dispensers with a center-pull system, in which the paper is taken from the center of the roll.

Toilet paper dispensers protect the paper placed in them against damage or soiling by toilet users. Isolating toilet paper from various external factors is a hygienic and, at the same time, economical solution.

Large roll toilet paper dispensers

The toilet paper dispensers in MEGA large rolls ensure that there is no need to refill toilet paper "every now and then". This solution is convenient for the operation of a public toilet and safety against the lack of paper for the customers visiting the bathroom. We offer containers for toilet paper with enlarged dimensions (compared to a standard roll of toilet paper) with a diameter of 23 cm and 28 cm. In the most efficient option, up to 480 meters of paper can be obtained from one roll.

Dispensers for the highest quality eco-friendly, core-free toilet paper

Toilet paper dispensers without a thimble (i.e. without cardboard rolls on which paper is traditionally wound) are products that provide unprecedented functionality. The current practice when refilling toilet paper is to throw the incompletely used rolls into the rubbish. Thanks to the toilet paper containers without a thimble, we can refill the paper without throwing away such rolls. In addition, the length of the paper in the dispenser corresponds to the length of the standard large jumbo dispensers. Thanks to the special mechanism used in the non-core paper dispenser, the next roll of paper is available only after the current one has been used up completely. Which, let's repeat, eliminates the problem of wasting the remaining ends of the rolls. It is also a great convenience for the staff responsible for ensuring the availability of toilet paper in the containers.

This solution ensures the safety of the person using the toilet because, unlike the "Jumbo" system or the system of dispensers of toilet paper unwound from the center of a roll, the probability of no paper in the dispenser is minimal. The capacity of the two-roll toilet paper dispenser in terms of paper length is equivalent to the "Jumbo" Mini container for 19 cm rolls. In contrast, the capacity of the four-roll dispenser, in terms of paper length, is the equivalent of the "Jumbo" Maxi container for rolls with a diameter of 23 cm and Mega with a diameter of 28 cm.

The lack of a thimble also means the elimination of waste, environmental protection and reduction of the amount of rubbish to be taken away. The toilet paper containers without a thimble are a perfect complement to the Merida Harmony, Merida One White and Merida One Black lines, which are the most extensive lines of hygiene devices available on the market.

Toilet paper dispensers in stainless steel

Steel toilet paper dispensers are of the highest quality and durability. These features go hand in hand with the incredible elegance of such a solution. We offer toilet paper dispensers in sizes that accommodate toilet paper rolls in various sizes. Our steel toilet paper dispensers fit rolls with a diameter of 19 cm, 28 cm and 23 cm. We also have two-roll toilet paper dispensers ("DUO" dispenser) and dispensers for toilet paper in sheets. You can find the offer of our toilet paper dispensers made of steel and ABS plastic on this page.

ABS plastic toilet paper dispensers

Toilet paper containers made of ABS plastic. Our toilet paper dispensers made of ABS plastic are at reasonable price and the highest quality and durability. We offer toilet paper containers in sizes that fit various sizes of toilet paper rolls. Our toilet paper dispensers are suitable for rolls in sizes (i.e. diameter) of 19 cm, 23 cm and 28 cm. We also have dispensers for toilet paper in sheets. This category also includes the aforementioned dispensers without the paper core. For such a solution, we have containers for 2 or 4 rolls of toilet paper, which minimizes the possibility of unpleasant situations related to the end of paper in the public toilet.