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Toilet papers in large rolls, JUMBO type, with a diameter of 19, 23 and 28 cm. Rolls available in various sizes - 140 meters, 210 meters, 220 meters, 340 meters, 480 meters, 180 meters, 245 meters, 120 meters, 230 meters and 350 meters long. Made of the highest quality cellulose or recycled paper. For example, POB103 paper is two-layer, embossed and perforated every 25 cm, the diameter of the core is 6 cm and the commercial package contains 6 rolls. Its diameter is 23 cm, length 210 m, width 9 cm and the number of leaves in a roll is 840 pcs. All this for only PLN 6.65 net per roll! Another example is PKB102 containing a 23 cm diameter roll, the brightness of which is 75%, embossed and soft with a 6 cm diameter core and a basis weight of 28-30 g / m². Its diameter is 23 cm, width 9 cm and length 340 m for only PLN 6.25 net per roll. Check out our entire range of toilet papers on this page!