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MERIDA ONE - foam soap, disposable cartridge with foaming pump 1000 g

symbol MTP204

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Top-quality, delicate washing foam containing, among others: lanolin, provitamin B5 and keratin, which have a moisturizing effect. It leaves a nice feeling on the skin.
- disposable refill with a foaming pump for use with foam soap dispensers - from MERIDA ONE line
- very efficient, depending on the programmed dosage, you can get - approx. 3300, 1400, 1000 portions of foam from one cartridge
- cartridge weight 1000 g
- total tightness of the cartridge protects against contamination of the contents
- savings in water consumption and less wastewater
- shorter hand washing time
- the packaging is fully recyclable
- the smell of men's perfume

Matching dispensers: DEB201, DEC201, DSM209, DSM279

Technical parameters

refill weight

1000 g