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Optimum microfibre cloth (blue)

symbol SRL008

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A delicate cloth made of heavyweight microfiber (320 g / m²). The cloth can be used to clean all kinds of smooth surfaces such as ceramics, glass, metal, plastics or wood. It can be used both dry and wet. When used dry, thanks to its electrostatic properties, it excellently attracts dust and dirt particles. However, when used wet, it removes even the most stubborn dirt. It is soft and pleasant to the touch, does not leave streaks or stains, you do not need to polish the cleaned surfaces after washing. It perfectly absorbs dirt and water, it can absorb up to seven times more water than it weighs. The cloth is very durable and does not lose its properties even after many washes. It should be washed without the use of softeners.

Technical parameters


poliamid 20%, poliester 80%

basis weight

320 g/m²


38 x 38 cm