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Microfiber fabrics suitable for cleaning are successfully replacing cotton fabrics. The properties of the microfiber make microfiber cloths now widely used by professionals but also in households. They owe their unusual properties to the structure of the microfiber. It is made of an appropriate blend of very thin polyester and polyamide fibres. Microfiber is ten times thinner than silk, up to 30 times thinner than cotton, 40 times thinner than wool and as much as 100 times thinner than human hair. Fabrics made of microfiber are incredibly soft and resilient. Microfiber cloths perfectly clean smooth surfaces: glass, ceramics, metal, wood, plastic and others. Microfiber cloths can be used dry or damp. Used dry, they use their electrostatic properties - they attract dust and loose dirt particles and absorb them into their structure until the cloth is rinsed in water. Applied wet, they remove even the most stubborn dirt. A microfiber cloth can absorb up to seven times more water than its weight. They can be cleaned with water alone, without the addition of chemicals. Microfiber cloths can only be washed without the use of softeners.