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Merida polish cloth, pack. 2 pcs.

symbol SRL033

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- unique professional cloths recommended for care and polishing of devices from MERIDA COMO BLACK and MERIDA ONE BLACK line
- ideal for cleaning MERIDA STELLA devices made of polished steel
- they perfectly clean all types of surfaces, leaving no streaks or dust
- perfect for cleaning glass, screens of electronic devices, induction hobs, car cockpits, glasses and jewelry
- thanks to a very large inner surface of microfibers they can absorb up to 8 times more fluid than they weigh
- they collect and absorb water, greases, oils and dust
- the structure of fibers is closed, they do not fray or rub, thanks to which they are practically indestructible
- material: 70% polyester, 30% polyamide
- absorption: from 400% of its own weight in case of water, to 800% in case of oil and grease
- the package contains 2 cloths
- wash at 40˚C without softeners


Technical parameters


36 x 40 cm

basis weight

100 g/m²

Merida polish cloth, pack. 2 pcs.