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Urinal screen CITRUS MANGO

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P-Screen® urinal screens with an enzyme liner contain naturally occurring bacteria that produce enzymes breaking down organic matter and eliminating odours. It also reduces the building-up of organic scale, making uric acid more soluble, broken down and therefore easier to rinse off. The most effective way to prevent building-up of organic sediment is to break it down naturally using bacteria.
- the intense scent of the P-Screen urinal screens ensures the spread of the fragrance throughout the room, creating pleasant and comfortable conditions for people using the toilet - they have three and a half times more aromatic essential oils than the V-Screen® urinal screens available in our offer (TAA324, TAA325, TAA326, TAA327), which extends their effectiveness up to 60 days
- P-Screen Citrus Mango and V-Screen Citrus Mango are complementary products, e.g. in the case of large toilets with several urinals, the inserts can be used together so that the intensity of the spreading smell is not too strong
- biodegradable and environmentally friendly, meet the biodegradability criteria set out in Regulation (EC) 648/2004 on detergents
- can be used in water-saving systems and "waterless" urinals
- using the P-Screen with waterless urinals, you can significantly reduce the costs associated with water consumption and sewage collection (especially useful solution for facilities without connection to the sewage system - significantly reduces the frequency of liquid waste disposal)
- enzymes in the P-Screen clean drain pipes and neutralize unpleasant pipe odours
- they protect the drains from clogging, e.g. with cigarette butts, chewing gums, paper
- universal size that fits all types of urinals
- the P-Screen fulfills the function of both the urinal and the enzyme insert, thanks to this "two-in-one" solution we get a very cost-effective product with very high efficiency
- they do not cause splashes and ensure easy drainage
- the product is fully recyclable, it can be thrown into plastic waste containers

Elementy linii zapachowej: NOS033, TAA330, TAA325

Technical parameters


19 cm


up to 60 days

Urinal screen CITRUS MANGO