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Paper towels

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Paper towels
Paper towels or rolls are used to absorb moisture and clean various surfaces. They are commonly used in homes, offices, restaurants, public toilets and other places where quick absorption of liquids is needed.
Paper towels have many advantages.
They are hygienic because each sheet is disposable, minimising the risk of germ transmission. They are also convenient because they can be easily torn or peeled off the roll. Paper towels can come in different sizes and thicknesses depending on their intended use. They can dry hands, wipe surfaces, or even clean delicate objects. Their popularity is due to their usefulness, ease of use and the possibility of eliminating the need to wash traditional towels.
Paper hand towels are typically available in two maiprimaryrms:

1. ZZ (Zig-Zag) folded towels, W,V folded towels, C folded towels are popular and readily available. Folded towels are also available in a slightly narrower version called Slim. All these towels are paper sheets folded in the shape of these letters, hence their name. They are used in containers that allow for convenient dispensing of successive sheets.

2. Roll towels - paper towels on a roll consist of a long paper roll placed in a towel dispenser or bin. The user can tear off an appropriate amount of paper or cut a leaf off using a special blade equipped with the dispenser. Roll towels are often chosen for their convenience and ability to control better the number of towels dispensed. Roll towels can be with a special perforation.

Paper towels are usually made of wood cellulose or recycled paper. Choosing between cellulose and recycled paper towels depends on several factors, such as preference, availability and sustainability priorities. Cellulose paper towels often have a higher quality than recycled paper towels. Cellulose paper can be softer, more durable and more absorbent. If you want high-quality paper towels, cellulose paper towels may be a better choice. Recycled paper towels have environmental benefits as they use recycled paper and reduce waste. If sustainability and protecting the environment is a priority for you, then recycled paper towels may be a more suitable choice and will certainly be a more economical choice.